Xilinx zynq qspi flash programming

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Xilinx zynq qspi flash programming

In the workaround it copies the BOOT. In my production design there will be no SD card for cost reduction. Is there a working tool to directly program the boot image to QSPI from laptop? I believe that you can still reuse some of what is discussed in the "ZedBoard Configuration and Booting Guide v Another option that may be viable with higher volume products is to have your Flash memory parts pre-programmed before they go to your CM.

Avnet actually has one of the largest programming centers in North America and this could save you technician time costs incurred during the programming stage on the factory floor. I also was able to download the Xilinx This could be another option for you to avoid using the SD card in order to program your production design. I actually leave it unplugged. Hey I want programme my zedboard with hte files. Best Regards.

Hi tibacou At zedboard. Acctually, base on my experience, From I have test vivado But the bad thing is that using sf write command from u-boot, could not succesfully write the image file to qspi. I used sf read and md command to verify the image that have been writen into the flash, the result show that the data are completely wrong, I am not sure what wrong with the u-boot.

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I looked through my notes from Looking at your sequence of instructions, have you erased the QSPI flash before performing the sf write command? Glad to find this thread as I was thinking I was either doing something wrong or there was an issue in general. I flash using the Xilinx SDK Skip to main content. Login Register. Search form Search. How to program QSPI. Zedboard forums is currently read-only while it under goes maintenance. Fri, Thank you. Hi zack, I believe that you can still reuse some of what is discussed in the "ZedBoard Configuration and Booting Guide v Regards, -Kevin.

Hi zack, I also was able to download the Xilinx Thu, Thank you Kevin. Here's my. Here's my report back.The following steps will walk you through the process of creating bootable image.

There is a minor modification we need to do to the code at this point. We want to change the application code so that the code will keep printing the data indefinitely. Find the printf statement in the code helloworld. All that we are doing here is to surround the printf statement in a while loop so the printing never stops. Save the project and build.

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The tool automatically picks the files needed to create bootable image. If the files are not added automatically then add the following files manually. Power up the board. Program the flash memory by selecting BOOT. Unfortunately the Styx board I just received does not boot from the SD card.

I have set the jumper correctly and followed the provided tutorials explicitly but the device will not boot from the SD card, however, the same bin file can be programmed to SPI flash by the config tool and it boots fine.

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An interesting note is that I can use the same exact card for other Zynq boards and they boot from the SD card without an issue. I find online that this could mean many different problems including the SD card is not available.

Even more interesting still is that the board originally came with a linux install on the SPI flash and it also would error out complaining about accessing the SD card time out error. I could really use some help with this issue if someone is available. Software: Xilinx Vivado Suite Was this helpful?

xilinx zynq qspi flash programming

Christopher Smith says: Reply. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Don't miss out on new articles! Subscribe to get valuable insights.Important: Please provide the full flash name, the configuration type single, dual parallel, dual stacked and the voltage. If the configuration is not "standard" muxes, level shifters or otherprovide also the board schematics. Report any XSCT error. In order to determine this, program an image with FSBL debug prints enabled.

Try to do a brief investigation before filing a Service Request. Please provide the version of the tool used. Be sure your image was built with the same version of the tool used to program. Please provide the boot mode settings used for programming booting from JTAG is recommended. Use the u-boot. Please provide the log of the programming using pre-built u-boot image from the wiki. Specify the u-boot version used. Remember that QSPI has various modes of operations depending on the clock frequency.

Calculate and verify the QSPI clock speed. Please provide the register settings and the calculation done to verify the QSPI clock frequency. Some Debugging is required to understand where the example is failing through the SDK debugger or by adding debug prints.

Xilinx - Adaptable. Description Solution Attachments. Solution Before opening a Service Request, collect all of the information requested below. Requirements are italicised below. Xilinx Answer Here a list of useful ARs: Xilinx Answer See Xilinx Answer for more details. Is the issue with the initial query of the QSPI or a mismatch between writes and reads? Is there any error pattern in the read back data? Maybe a particular bit stuck to 1 or 0. Report the type of failure in the Xilinx standalone example Was this Answer Record helpful?

Yes No.Then its demonstrates checking the Linux kernel software layers to ensure the right configuration has been set up. QSPI Pins. DQ[] are not used.

Clock : Provides the timing of the serial interface. Command inputs are latched on the rising edge of the clock. In STR commands or protocol, address and data inputs are latched on the rising edge of the clock, while data is output on the falling edge of the clock. In DTR commands or protocol, address and data inputs are latched on both edges of the clock, and data is output on both edges of the clock. All other input pins are ignored and the output pins are tri-stated.

Driving S LOW enables the device, placing it in the active mode. After power-up, a falling edge on S is required prior to the start of any command.

Styx Xilinx Zynq FPGA Module

The following interfaces are used by the generic Quad-SPI controller. The AXI address bus is 44 bits wide and the data is 32 bits wide. The active controller must be quiescent before switching from one controller to the other. Check the Register Spec.

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The specific spi-nor. Note 2: PetaLinux Look at dmesg. Check device tree overlay. Check the original non-overlay device tree. So zynqmp-qspi Launch devshell. Printk Based Debug. Part I - Why do we need this framework? Does probe get called and succeed? Comment: It is surprising that a subsequent petalinux-build took another few minutes to run. Unfortunately, the SPI subsystem has no notion of opcodes, addresses, or data payloads; a SPI controller simply knows to send or receive bytes Tx and Rx.

Therefore, we must define a new layering scheme under which the controller driver is aware of the opcodes, addressing, and other details of the SPI NOR protocol. Part II - How does the framework work?Asked by dkinman. Keep in mind I want to use the only the PL in this case. Unfortunately for pure PL designs on the zybo, you are still required to run an SDK project to program it. The QSPI is hardlined to the arm core so you will have to create a boot.

You will only need the fsbl and the bin file. Also, I have the programming jumper on the middle 2 pins.

Using the Generic Serial Flash Interface

So just successfully did this implementing a clock divider driving an LED. I didn't realize the Zybo's SDK programming guide is not correct. Ill quickly explain my steps below though since I don't know how fast Ill be able to fix it.

Ill also include my small proof project. Thanks in Advance In section 3. That can be downloaded on the resource center page or here. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

xilinx zynq qspi flash programming

Sign in here. Posted October 12, edited. Has anyone done this with success? Edited October 12, by dkinman. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts.

Posted October 13, Posted October 25, Thanks, David. Posted October 25, edited. Posted July 12, Posted July 20, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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xilinx zynq qspi flash programming

Sign In Now. Go To Question Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Program Flash is a SDK tool used to program the flash memories in the design. Various types of flash types are supported by SDK for programming. The table below lists all the options available on the Program Flash Memory dialog box:. Specify the offset relative to the Flash Base Address, where the file should be programmed. The verify operation is cross check the flash programming operation.

The flash contents are read back and cross checked against the programmed data. Using Xilinx SDK.

How to program QSPI

The table below lists all the options available on the Program Flash Memory dialog box: Option Description Hardware Platform Select the hardware platform you plan to use. Connection Select the connection to hardware server. Device Select a device. Auto Detect selects the first device on the chain, by default. Image File Select the file to write to the flash memory.

Offsest Specify the offset relative to the Flash Base Address, where the file should be programmed. Note: Offset is not required for MCS files. Note: Not required for non-zynq devices. Note: Appropriate part can be selected based on design.

Related concepts Generate Linker Script. Board Support Package Settings. Program FPGA. Launch Shell. XSCT Console.

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