Pick 4 workout forums

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Pick 4 workout forums

Games Menu. Set Up. Reset All. Your Results. Card 01 A. See Pick 4 instructions below. Lucky Thou. Lucky Hund. Lucky Tens. Lucky Ones. Any Combo. Singles Only. Pick 4 Basic Instuctions: 'How to Play'. Click on the 'Pick a Single Board' button to pick one board at a time. Click on the 'Fill Card with Picks' button to fill out the card with picks. The 'Pick All' button will pick a total of 10 boards by picking each ball number only one time out of each machine.

A mouse-click on the 'Capture Shuffle to Results' button opens a message box for you to decide to save or abandon the arrangement. The answer is that a Lottery wheel has been created where each digit is used 4 times over the span of 10 boards. Neat, eh? Click on 'Your Results' whenever you like to see the accumulation of your Lucky Pick 4 picks.

pick 4 workout forums

Removing the checkmark restores Your Results to the sequence in which they were originally picked.Dear Pick 4 Cash 4 Lottery Player. But listen up for the next few minutes because what I have to tell you might well be worth your undivided attention. So tell me:. As you know, a triple in the Pick 4 produces combinations like, etc. It is for real quite unlike so many out there.

You are truly a genius. This is the first system I have seen targeting triples and quads Otherwise known as the HD System, it gives you the exact triples to play in an upcoming drawing as early as 1 to 21 days before the actual triples in the Pick 4 falls.

O bserve. S trategize and P lay. In this booklet, we show you why the hits came and how long it took for them to show. Results not typical, but nonetheless they are encouraging:.

Hey, if you are gonna play, you might as well play to win:. But those paper wins were purely accidental, and may not be typical for the average online player since they occurred in multiple states. You should have the resources to play a set of 20 combinations or less.

Latest Results from the Texas Lottery

You decide how to spend -- or save --your winnings based on your life freedom goals when your winning combination shows! As much as we try to complicate it, this is really all you have to do to effectively use the System. But still in the final analysis it really all boils down to looking at one chart for your trigger combination, and looking at another to find your plays after you observe that the trigger combination has fallen in your state's lottery.

With success! Since this System is designed to predict when triples will fall inside your Pick 4 Cash 4 lottery drawing, it is also--by extension--a quad predictor. So while you are looking for your triple to show, there will be times when a quad will show due to the nature of the system. Good question. That would depend on how often your state gets a triple inside the Pick 4 Cash 4 drawing. And again, if you are out West, this System might not work in your state lottery drawing at all.

Then you play only those numbers given for the next 6 to 21 days or until your hit comes, whichever occurs first. No more running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

No more chasing down numbers.See the winning lottery tickets of magayo Pick users. Download magayo Pick software. Not only has magayo Pick garnered numerous 5-star awards and accoladesmore importantly, it has helped many users to win! Yet, our lottery software is intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use. You just need to select your game, update the latest draw results with a single click and let magayo Pick analyze, recommend and generate your tickets to play.

With lesser digits, your odds are reduced thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Lottery numbers pick 3 & 4

After analyzing, magayo Pick software will generate all possible tickets full wheel based on your selected digits. In addition, multiple advanced filters are also applied to narrow your play. First Prize Lottery Winner.

Recommended to all to try out this app. Extensive Coverage magayo Pick supports over lottery games around the world. Powerful lottery software yet easy-to-use magayo Pick is packed with many advanced features.

Gain valuable insights and reduce your odds magayo Pick software can identify the trends and patterns and intelligently recommend a smaller pool of digits in each position to play. Advanced Lottery Software Features. Why choose our lottery software?Our Daily Predictions Have Moved Click Here.

Here you will be exposed to new lottery workout systems that produce winning combinations in "all-states", but our focus will be on winning the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games in the Carolinas -- South Carolina and North Carolina. In time we will be bringing you great articles and strategies for newbie lottery players, and our free newsletter will offer lottery tips and tricks for fresh recruits and old timers alike. We hope to include lottery predictions for SC and NC players monthly in our online publication.

It's absolutely free.

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Many of you will recognize her from her popular blog at the LotteryPost. So how do you win the pick 3 and pick 4 lottery in the Carolinas? You could create your own system s which many people do. Then again, you could do both. These workouts perform well in a lot of states, however, we have only tracked them in the Carolinas and in Georgia. Currently we offer predictions from three different calendars, including the very popular Julian Calendar workouts.

Formula for Pick 4 and Pick 5 workout.

Except for our "bare bones" collection, we use our knowledge of numbers and how they manifest themselves to embellish the dates to predict the hot digits for today's lottery draws. So, do you play the lottery to help create more educational opportunities for the good citizens of your state, or are you playing to win so you can have a few extra dollars in your pocket at the end of the week?

Why not do both? We believe it is possible to do both when you use your head and pay attention to detail. With our lottery systems we constantly bring order to randomness. Look, the way we see it Why not you? Why not us? Working together we can create systems that work. Who knows, by using some of our systems and predictions, you just might be able to turn a few more bet slips into Benjamins. And if you already have a system that is working well for you, why not share it with us and we can in turn share it with our readers.

We know they would appreciate it. Contact us and we'll see to it that you get all the credit for your ideas and contributions. So please let us hear from you.

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As this site evolves we know you will be pleased with the lottery information we will be sharing, and we know that you will find value in it. Who is Your Lottery Guide? How hard is it to win the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery in the Carolinas? Supporting Education While Playing to WinThis means that you will miss all the hits that have one of those 4 missing digits.

Here are 12 numbers that hit:,, The Game Index for these 12 numbers is. However, there are 4 missing digits and numbers that hit with any of those 4 digits can not be represented with the index. I came up with 4 other letters to represent those 4 missing digits: A, B, C, D:. There are always two missing middle digits because there are only two of them on the index.

These two missing digits are always represented by the letters C and D. Usually C and D are arranged based on what hit the most with the one that hit the most on top. In this case they both hit the same number of times twiceso they are arranged with the lowest of the two on top; 4 and then the 5 under it just the way you do it with the Game Index.

pick 4 workout forums

However, I found this arrangement awkward and decided to arrange the digits from left to right like this:. So the Grid for these 12 numbers,,is 0 3 8 2 4. The Grid for these 12 numbers,,is: 1 3 7 2 5. The same goes for any of the 4 digits on the right. If there was no 2 for example, you would still put the digit 2 in positions A because that is the only missing low digit It always goes there whether that digit hit or not.

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The same would apply to the 4 or 5 in this case. The bottom line is this: the Grid always has all 10 digits. The Grid for these numbers,,is 1 4 7 2 5. If you are on my email list you are already familiar with the p34sug website.

You will find these two programs on the first page of the index:. The Grid is nothing more than a fixed reference point to help you identify the formula of the numbers that are hitting in your state. Once you have the formulas for the last 10 to 15 drawings it becomes very easy to identify patterns.

You only want to identify the two hits right after the Grid. If you are on a two draw per day state, you want the two formulas that hit that day. If you are on a one draw per day state, you want to identify the next two numbers that hit the next two days after the Grid was made.

Every evening you would determine the Grid for the following day and at the end of the day you would write in the two formulas that hit for those two numbers assuming you are on a two draw per day state. You simply enter the last 14 drawings and it will automatically tell you the formulas that hit.

For example, the Grid for for New York which is actually determined on the evening of after the evening drawing was To get this information you simply enter the last 14 drawings; today's two winning numbers for which you want the formulas for plus the last 12 draws.

Here is what you will get when you press on the "run system" button: 14 numbers used:.Like 1 member likes this Share Tweet.

pick 4 workout forums

Started by Juliette Forbes. Last reply by Leon Mar 30, Sign Up or Sign In. Shifting company or industrial goods is quite a bit more intricate task from shipping connected with household stuff. It contains many stressful and intricate jobs that lead wonderful stress over the people.

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Even in case you have sought professional help, you must make sure that the household items are usually handled while…. When one is moving into a new household, the likelihood of breaking as well as damaging a thing are excessive.

While a lot of may believe that this is the chance that can be taken, we say who's isn't. However, if 1 knows the tips about how to pack as well as move correctly, then there might be no place for mishaps.I am about to show you the easiest to use winning Lottery system that you have ever seen.

Before I reveal the system and let you try it for yourself, let me make something perfectly clear: This system requires no charts, no past results history, no colored pens and no formulas to figure out.

In fact, a young child who has never played the Lottery can use this system in about two minutes. I'll even go further out on a limb and tell you that a MONKEY can probably win with this system - it's truly that easy as you will soon see for yourselves!!!

We have all heard the old saying that " history repeats itself ," and this is especially true with number patterns.

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The problem has always been to get ones hands on enough history to figure out what the winning pattern is. I recently embarked on a huge project that combined the past results of all Pick-3 and Pick-4 games played in every Lottery State in the country since the games began.

All of the results of these games were put into a giant database and analyzed, and the results of this analysis were nothing less than astounding.

Did you know that there have been a total ofPick-3 and Pick-4 daily numbers drawings in this country? That's a lot of numbers to crunch, and when you put them all together, there are some very distinct patterns that emerge. It took several weeks to compile and analyze all of these previously drawn numbers, but that's my job, and now that it has been completed, you are the ones who can benefit from my amazing findings.

Are you ready to see it? Right now? Then tighten your seat belts because this is going to be one wild winning ride!!! The three digit number in the middle represents the last number drawn in your Pick-3 game. The number was the winning number drawn for the August 28th,Evening game. As you can see, the number is surrounded by 12 outside digits, each in their own box. We start by copying down these 12 outside digits starting with the digit in the top left corner and moving clockwise.

In this case we start with the 6, then the 5, then the 1 and continue all the way around the number until we get to the last outside digit, in this case the 8. Our list of 13 numbers now looks like this: This list of 12 digits will give us 10 Pick-3 numbers to play in straight exact order form for the next drawing. This is done by writing down every three digit number in the sequence of 12 digits.

Our first Pick-3 number to play will be thethen thethen the and so on until we get to our last number, the That's all there is to it. We have now turned our last number drawn, theinto 10 new straight or exact order numbers to play for the next drawing. As you can see, this is the eighth number on our list of ten numbers to play shown above. That's it folks


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