Bambi sleep transcript

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Bambi sleep transcript

Thanks are free yet priceless! Portal Help Game Section. Hello There, Guest! Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Perm link. Christina Member. Posts: 93 Thanks received: 27 Thanks given: Joined: Jan I have to admit, I have been listening to Bambi sleep files.

Like Ra Administrator. Posts: 15, Thanks received: Thanks given: Joined: Jul And what about the results? I think, you should be safe if the Bambi is limited by the uniform. But the recent files go well beyond any limits and suggest full personality replacement.

I've got all scripts, BTW. Anybody interested? Kind of like seeing ghosts, if you want to see one, you will. The "general consensus" claims that Bambi Sleep are the most effective files available now. This is a post on 8ch by the author of Bambi Sleep: Quote: There's no magic bullet. This takes lots and lots of time and practice like everything else. I have probably 10 years' experience in audio production mostly not kink shit and almost as long writing hypnosis scripts on similar subjects for crappier earlier attempts that never got shared with anyone.

I don't have formal training in any of this, though. I do most of the audio work in Cubase, because that's what I know. Audacity is not good enough, although I use it for editing raw samples. Everything that applies to general audio production applies here. You can find information about that on any audio website, but it will take a lot of practice to get good at it anyway.

You can't just shove everything in and hope for the best or you end up with K You need to learn how to use EQ and panning to make space for elements in the mix.

Learn how to use FX like reverb and echoes without muddying up the mix. The most important thing is to learn how to use compressors to make the main parts pop and blend the background tracks together. Random tips: I put an almost imperceptible amount of reverb on basically every track. Don't overdo the FX on tracks that are loud or have constant activity. I compress all the background tracks together including all the FX tracks again and then sidechain that to the main voice so it stands out.

One good trick you can use is to take a mono track and delay one ear by a few tens of milliseconds, which will separate it from centred sounds and make it sound like it's coming from inside your head on headphones that's what I do for the looping side voices on all the newer stuff.

I get audio samples from random sample websites, youtube, the audiogonewild reddit, and occasionally from other hypnosis recordings. Youtube ASMR videos are often good for high-quality ambient samples.Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip navigation.

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Select a membership level. Good Girl. Get new sessions early before they're publicly available. See updates about what's being worked on next. Mostly the same as the Good Girl tier. Opportunity to vote in occasional polls to decide what content will be produced next from predefined options.

Maybe some behind the scenes stuff or something. Pleasure Puppet. Just the same rewards as the Bimbodoll tier, for now. The only reason to get this one is if you really want to show your support. If you want to know more about the content, you can find all of the current sessions available to download for free there. I am committed to keeping the Bambi Sleep sessions free for everyone, but a few people have expressed interest in supporting their production in some way.

So here's how it works: There will be no exclusive patron-only content. What you get for pledging is access to new material a bit earlier than it's available on the blog. You only get charged when new early-access material is released. The sessions take a long time to produce and there's often gaps of several months between releases, so charging monthly wouldn't make sense.

Your pledge amount is charged once per early access release while your pledge is active. The amount of content in each release will depend on its complexity, but will be announced in advance. Substantial sessions may be released in parts to get finished tracks out earlier. Smaller releases or updates will be given out with no charge. Thank you so much for considering contributing, but don't feel pressured.

The money isn't required to keep producing sessions it's just a little extra encouragementand new material will always be available for free on the blog not long after the early-access Patreon release. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts. Recent posts by Bambi Sleep. How it works.

Add a payment method. Patreon logo. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time?There are numerous ways of 'inducing' a trance state in a client. They can be permissive "I wonder if you would like to notice how Which method you use will depend on your own preference - many therapists feel uncomfortable using a direct induction whilst others will use nothing else.

bambi sleep transcript

The hypnotic subject's expectations will probably also determine which method you use. Some people expect to be hypnotized instantly and you may find a long, drawn out progressive relaxation script will create resistance in your subject.

10 Bambi Awakens

Included are a few variations, please practice using different methods so that you have the right one at hand for when you need it.

For this induction we use a colour ball lamp with the sound effects turned off and set the colour to blue. The lamp reflects a blue light onto the ceiling. However if you are unable to find this lamp then an up-lighter with a blue bulb will perform equall. Use the Dropped Coin induction as a convincer, suggestibility test or a fun induction for children.

Perhaps you can also create the most beautiful, perfect garden? With your favourite flowers and shrubs - inhale the fragrance of your favourite flower - and go deeper into relaxation Designed for the analytical client who has difficulty letting go, and who dislikes to be told what to do.

Encourage a concentrated focus of attention with this induction, coupled with suggestions for progressive relaxation.

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The postural sway induction will be used mostly in stage hypnosis - however there may be times where you find it useful in a client setting. Rapid hypnosis induction - for stage hypnosis or for use with clients when time is of the essence. The rigid arm induction is an excellent means of convincing the client that he or she is in hypnosis and will also serve as a way of you being able to re-evaluate the progress.

This Seven Steps Induction uses hand levitation to induce clients into a deep state of hypnosis. Or, How to Hypnotize a Sleeping Person.

This method is ideal for hypnotizing a sleeping partner or child. Induction best suited for people who might find it difficult to cooperate with a longer, progressive induction. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. To learn more, please read our Cookie Statement. Sign Up. Hypnosis Scripts Hypnosis Induction Scripts.

Hypnosis Induction Scripts. View Script. Search All Scripts. How can we help?Using Bambi sleep hypnosis tracks in my own playlists. Additionally now using playlists from Samba Files. Have used the Playlist 01 Bambi Starter playlist for the last few nights just to establish the basic triggers in my mind again after the long break and the effect of my grief on my mind. I now feel that that aim has been established and will now move on to Playlist 2 Bambi Conditioner for the next week or so.

Will be going back to basics and starting with the early files and working through them to re install the Bambi in me. During the last few weeks I have been studying the individual BambiSleep files and in particular the triggers taught by each file. My aim was to develope a new playlist which was the best most effective playlist to install and then reinforce the triggers which I considered most relavent to my aims and desires. Bimbo Relaxation Bambi is made to relax, placed in her bimbo bubble and prepared for training.

Intended to begin an induction followed by deepeners. Blank Mindless Doll Bambi is taken easily down into a blank, mindless trance. Good girls who have already trained extensively with the original session will find this induction takes them much deeper than tracks 01 and 02 of that release combined, in less than half of the total time.

She is made more powerful than her old personality and given the ability to take over completely. She learns how to take complete control and replace the old self. Bimbo Servitude Bambi learns to helplessly obey all commands at all times, and is given powerful triggers to ensure compliance.

Bambi Named and Drained The subject learns that her name is Bambi. Her old personality is drained away. She learns that she is a bimbo and is prepared for further training with more deepeners. Cock Dumb Hole Bambi is a wonderfully dizzy, dumb cock-hole. Her heavy breasts and bimbo body make her helplessly brainless, blank and giggly. Mindlocked Cock Zombie Bambi is a perfect whore for cock. She becomes completely blank except for cock. An irresistible trigger phrase is implanted deep into her mind.

This trigger shuts her down completely so that her suck-hole can be used without resistance. When Bambi hears the trigger she becomes a blank mindlocked puppet with no will or awareness, no thoughts except for sucking and swallowing, and no ability to do anything but suck each cock she is presented with, until she is released.

Vain Horny Happy Bambi is in control. She is a vain pretty slut with perfect thoughts. She has bimbo memories and a bimbo awareness. She can only remember having always been Bambi. Bambi Cockslut Bambi is trained to suck and fuck. This consists of a lengthy erotic fantasy including obedience, cock sucking, and being fucked to orgasm.

Sexual submission and orgasm are linked to pleasurable bimbo enforcement triggers. Bambi is made to cum on command and this reinforces her conditioning.

Her IQ is drastically reduced and her higher thought functions disabled.

bambi sleep transcript

Her mind is trained to wipe itself over and over again and this effect is linked to many different triggers.Public Pastes. Bambi Sleep hypnosis transcript. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Bambi Sleep - deep sleep trigger.

Bimbo Doll 3x - rapid induction from the bubble trigger file. Pink Satin - an allusion to your bimbo outfit and the case your cotton candy mind is placed in. Bambi Uniform Lock- corresponds with click sound and door locking sound. Have difficulty with everyday demands like using a phone book, reading bus or train schedules, banking, filling out forms, using appliances like a video recorder, microwave oven, or computer, et cetera, and therefore require assistance from relatives or social workers in the management of their affairs.

Can be employed in simple tasks but require supervision. Bambi will feel these hypnotically created giant breasts and will always be aware of them. Zap Cock Drain Obey - every time your inner monologue tries to speak you feel a cock sliding into its mouth and you cannot think. Bambi Sleep - deep sleep trigger Good Girl - cranks up a volume dial of happiness and relaxation and acceptance Bimbo Doll 3x - rapid induction from the bubble trigger file.

Bambi - rapid induction trigger Fuck Slut Cock Puppet Pink Satin - an allusion to your bimbo outfit and the case your cotton candy mind is placed in. Bambi Limp like a rag doll. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics.

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By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. OK, I Understand.It's 32 minutes long and a lot of fun! As usual, it will be released for everyone here on the blog in a few weeks. Update: you can download it now below. Posted by bimbodollbambi at 23 comments: Email This BlogThis!

Thursday, 25 April Bambi Mental Makeover. This new, full-length standalone session focuses on training Bambi to be a ditzy, vacuous, superficial platinum blonde, locking in all the mannerisms, speech and thought patterns, interests, personality and lifestyle changes that come with that.

This is an expert-level session.

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You should slip into deep trance easily and automatically by now. If not, you might want to use Blank Mindless Doll or some Enforcement tracks before the salon induction. Also, you really want high-quality headphones to get the most out of this one. This session isn't finished yet! Bambi is prepared for her makeover and placed in a deep sleep to ensure her treatment is fully effective.

Rewrites Bambi's mental state and thought patterns to lock her in as a platinum blonde barbie doll. Wipes away intelligence and independence, and programs behaviour for everyday situations, leaving a helplessly automatic and simple airhead valley girl.

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Increases feelings of vanity and superficiality, and restricts her interests and emotions to prevent distraction. Installs deep conditioning to ensure she always looks her best, holds herself like an attractive fuckdoll, and keeps her makeup perfect at all times.

Click here for a zip archive of the session so far. Posted by bimbodollbambi at 85 comments: Email This BlogThis! Somebody has created a website bambisleep dot com and YouTube channel that appear to be misrepresenting themselves as official sources and rehosting content without permission.

I did not create these. I don't know why they exist, or what the intentions behind them are, and will be investigating. The only official sources remain this Patreon and the blog at bambisleep. Posted by bimbodollbambi at 8 comments: Email This BlogThis!

Tuesday, 30 October Bambi Enforcement Part 2. Posted by bimbodollbambi at 73 comments: Email This BlogThis! Tuesday, 24 July Bambi Enforcement. This is the first batch of the new set of short trance training tracks. Use them to increase the effectiveness of all other conditioning, to reinforce the basic training, or mix and match to create a custom induction.

Although you can listen to them all the way through, there's no awakener, and the tracks focus mostly on deepening and reinforcement rather than specific changes. They work well mixed in a playlist with conditioning tracks from other session. Roughly-speaking, tracks 01 to 06 are inductions and deepeners that work well at the start of a session, and tracks 07 to 10 are reinforcers that work well towards the end, but feel free to experiment. Note: these tracks are designed for listeners who are acquainted with the Bambi Sleep conditioning.

Intermediate subjects may wish to use them in conjunction with the longer Blank Mindless Doll induction. Track Listing 00 Bimbo Drone Two minutes of the background binaural.Off singing voice Love is a song that never ends Life may be swift and fleeting Hope may die Yet love's beautiful music Comes each day Like the dawn Love is a song that never ends One simple theme repeating Like the voice of a heavenly choir Love's sweet music flows on Like the voice of a heavenly choir Love's sweet music flows on The music introduces us in the depth of the forest, where the animals of this story live.

The chirping of the birds lead us to the place where our friends are going to appear. An old owl arrives to his tree to rest during the day. In the same tree live some squirrels, sleeping at that hour of the day; we can see a nest where three chicks are waiting for their mother who is bringing them some food. The day breaks and all the animals must to awake: a small mouse washes his face with a dewdrop. Everything seems to be calm, in peace, but suddenly the birds spread the new: the little prince is born.

Owl Who-o, who-o snoring Who-o, who-o, who-o Birds Tweet-tweet-tweet Tweet-tweet-tweet All the animals stop their doings; they listen the news so exciting.

In that moment a little rabbit appears near the tree where the Old owl is sleeping.

Bambi Sleep hypnosis transcript

This rabbit is our friend Thumper who thumps to the owl wakes up. Thumper Wake up, wake up! Owl Oh, what now? Thumper Wake up, friend Owl! All his brothers and sisters are jumping all around full in excitement The new prince is born!

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Come on! The animals run into the depth of the forest, and in a clearing the camera shows a deer with her newborn fawn, the new Prince who is sleeping. Animal 1 Oh my! Animal 2 Well look! Everybody admires the newborn. The owl, Thumper and his family arrive. Owl Well, this is quite an occasion, yes sir.

Animals Congratulations! Bambi's Mother to the animals Thank you very much. Licking Bambi Come on, wake up.

bambi sleep transcript

We have company. Bambi opens his eyes and looks a bit surprised because of all the animals Animals Hello, hello! Hello little Prince! Owl Who-o who-o, heh, heh, heh, who-o who-o laughs. Thumper's Mother angrily Thumper! Thumper Well, he is.


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